How we did 15 startups in 21 months: Part 1

Our journey, truimphs and failures (so far…)

Our Background

Starting Over

Our Tesla Roadster -Bruce Willis drove this in the movie Looper!
HIGEAR Girls photo shoot on Treasure Island
HiFi Design to support the Brand
Usually I don’t do black bg, but this product demanded it.


  1. Corporate greeting cards
  2. Mobile dating app - (Apple rejected it).
  3. Hedge fund — (seriously!! looked into starting a hedge fund).
  4. Buying existing internet companies and scaling them (looked at 30+ companies, made some offers, but didn’t close any).
  5. 5 different versions of monthly gift box subscription clubs like Shoe Dazzle — (got CPA down to $75, but weren’t excited by the biz).
  6. HireVsNot — (ratings for biz professionals)
  7. Jobs Newsletter — (sending daily jobs newsletters. Generated $10k/month).
  8. BizChat on Mobile — (whatsapp but for biz. SMS invites are not viral. Wasted 4 months trying to learn mobile).
  9. MangoLabs — (MOOCs for corporate training)
  10. FabDates — (got initial traction, but kept getting our ads account banned by FB. CPA was 3x of LTV).
  11. (dating site that is a ad network — allows you to target exactly who you’re looking for — running into same issues with FB as Fabdates).
  12. League of Legends PRO Gaming team — VULCUN Gaming. — (started last of the league, finished #3 in North America. Became too distracting so sold it off).
  13. — wordpress theme site. Got to $10k in revenue. Hard to see it scaling into a big biz so dropped it.
  14. FB Birthday calendar app — got to a few million users. Very little re-engagement. Fizzled out.
  15. Business productivity apps — about 7 different apps with varying levels of success. Combined users, about 3 million. Hard to scale beyond that.

For now, here our our half time stats. Last month, our products received about 1.2M visitors & generated sufficient revenue to keep us profitable. The search continues for product market fit for the big one.

Pacifica Surfing Trip — Dec-2013 (photo credit: Seda Balci)



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